Meet the Family

We are Haley, Janik & Nathan, welcome to our studio. If you've been through the space often enough, there is a good chance you've seen the 3 of us here. First and foremost, this is a family owned and operated business.

The 3 of us have a deep love of movement and we try to collectively bring that energy to the space.

Fun Facts:
Moving through life with a total lack of hand-eye coordination, I (Haley) have always leaned towards activities like hiking, and dance. Conversely, Nathan has been playing rugby since the age of 14 and has yet to stop. Janik, being just 2.5 years old, loves pretty much everything but has a particular affinity for dancing to '5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Our Stories...

Each of us share a unique history and relationship with movement and it is from these backgrounds that we draw our divers offerings. We invite you to learn a little bit more about each of our instructors and how we have come together to create this beautiful community of leaders in health and wellness.

Haley Wall (Owner)

To say that finding the practice of yoga was life changing for me would almost be an understatement. My first memorable experience was in 2013 when I had just moved to Toronto to start my degree.  I still remember feeling so lost and out of place, however that first yoga class transported me; Not towards feeling at home within my environment, but towards finding that feeling of home within myself. By 2016 I had completed my first 250 hour YTT and started teaching almost immediately after. Since then I have taken many more training’s across the globe, including some of my favorites: Aerial Yoga, Insightful Adjustments, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training. I am so grateful to now get to share the practice I love so much, with so many, and I hope this mindful form of moving affords others the same inner sanctity it has afforded me.

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Nathan Scott (Owner)

Nathan leverages a decade of expertise to craft sessions tailored specifically for your long-term fitness goals. With a focus on cardio, resistance training, and functional movement, he creates an environment conducive to optimal performance and adaptability, ensuring your fitness journey is both effective and rewarding. With an education-focused approach, Nathan ensures that each session equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful fitness journey.

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Vanja Banks

I believe that all healing must include physical (mind & body), spiritual and emotional approaches.  As a spiritual astrologer, 200hr yoga teacher and herbalist, I use the connections between plants, planets and yoga to help others cultivate self love and unlock their highest potential.  16 years ago, my sister introduced me to yoga during a difficult time in my life.  At the time, I didn’t understand the connection between the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies - all I knew was that it made me feel good, so I kept it up.  In 2021, I felt called to deepen my understanding of yoga through a 200hr Yin/Yang training, never really imagining that I would pursue teaching.  However, that experience taught me that guiding and teaching others is a true passion of mine! My yoga classes reflect my personal belief that everything is energy and that, by practicing astrology-informed embodiment, we can create energetic shifts in our bodies and lives.

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Katie Junkin

As a lifelong learner, I entered my Hatha yoga teacher training in 2009 with an eagerness to learn more about the philosophy and practice of yoga. Like many, I didn’t initially intend to teach, but teaching inevitably found me. The practice of yoga allowed me to find a deeper connection and understanding of myself and helped to build mental and physical resilience. It was the calmness of my mind after practicing that kept me coming back. Over 13 years later, and with additional training in the areas of trauma-informed, restorative, and pre-natal yoga, I continue to teach and share my knowledge of yoga with my students with the hope of sharing the same mind-body connection and calm that I have found with this practice. I teach from an alignment and breath focused viewpoint and always work to create a safe and fun environment. I hope you’ll join me on your mat and in your journey of self-discovery through yoga.

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Samantha Clarke

Born and raised in Hamilton, ON, Samantha was drawn to Hatha yoga at the age of 14 at the Hamilton Yoga Institute and went on to train with Yogafit Canada and then completed her 200 RYT in Hatha Vinyasa with De La Sol Yoga Studios in 2013 where she began teaching full time. Over a decade of leading asana, pranayama, meditation, and mentorship has provided a rich wealth of experience and developed a deep love for the practice off the mat. Her favourite pose is matsyasana for its heart opening benefits.

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Kate Cebulski

Hello! My name is Kate, and I strive to make my classes as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as possible. Whether we are doing a gentle Yin class, or a higher energy Hatha class, I take a grounding approach to all my classes as I hope to assist people in rediscovering the breath, the body and the light within us. I have been practicing for over 6 years, and took the leap earlier this summer and got my teaching certification. Yoga, wellness and mindfulness are my passion and I am so thankful that I get to share my experience with this community.

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Leah Sunshine

As a Body-Mind coach, Sound Healing Facilitator, Kripalu yoga instructor, Thai massage & Trauma-Sensitive Heart Math Practitioner, I love to help people release patterns of tension that keep them stuck and out of tune with their true selves. I weave sound, breath work, meditation, with intuitive energy medicine and cutting edge neuroscience to share profound tools and practices that really work so that you can create more spaciousness & ease in your life while, connecting and learning to trust, the inner wisdom of your body.

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Emily O'Keefe

Coming soon...

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Amie Jarrett

Yoga has its way of finding you at exactly the right moment when you need it most. My name is Amie and yoga found me in my last year of high school during a time of uncertainty and unbalance. Not long after I found my yoga practice through my high school co-op, I decided to join a 200hr yoga teacher training during my gap year. Since finishing the program in March of 2022 I have embraced the ongoing journey of sharing my growing knowledge with others. In my classes I hold a space that allows us to slow down, quite the mind and tap into feeling. No matter the style of practice I will guide our breath as a foundation to allow greater awareness. I look forward to seeing you in studio as a student and instructor.

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