Shift Yoga Collective

Move Together. Breath Together. Be Together.

What We Offer

Welcome to our beautiful community of like-minded individuals. While the focus of what we offer is on creating a robust selection of movement oriented classes, we also strive to incorporate a variety of workshops and free community events into our schedule. Join us both on and off the mat, and shift your perspective of what wellness can really mean.

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Our Mission:

To help you connect your mind and body, through breath and movement. To create space for you to attain improved mental and physical wellness. To increase your quality of life by guiding you towards a more mindful way of living.

What we believe in...

Move Together. Breath Together. Be Together.

»Want to live a more stress free life?«
Practice breathing through difficult movements.

»Want to learn how to be consistent?«
Show up to your practice when its easy and when its hard.

»Want to become more compassionate?«
Practice being kind to yourself when a posture
greets you with challenge.

»Want to learn self love?«
Practice accepting who you are in whatever version
of yourself arrives on your mat each day.

We believe in creating space to shift who
you see within yourself, and how you relate
to the world around you.

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We offer a wide variety of pricing for all levels of commitment.

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Workshops & Events

We love creating community, so we facilitate a variety of events both on and off the mat.

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Find out more about what makes the space that hosts our community so special.

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Learn more about what makes each of our instructors so Wonderful and Unique.

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About Yoga

A brief history on the practice of yoga and a physiological exploration of why it feels so good.

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11 Quebec St Guelph

Nestled in the heart of downtown Guelph, we pride ourselves on being a part of this vibrant and unique community of local shops, entertainment, and restaurants.

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