Mindbody Booking - Troubleshooting

Step 1:
Did you fill out the 'New Student Waiver'? If not, you need to create an account before you can book classes.

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Step 2:
Did you verify your email address? If no, please check your inbox AND SPAM for a message titled "Mindbody: Verify your email address"
If you do not get a verification email you can:
a) Give us a call, text, email or Instagram DM and we will get back to you asap.
b) Follow the instructions set out by Mindbody to resend the verification code to yourself.

Mindbody Instructions

Step 3:
If you have used Mindbody at a previous studio, it can be easiest to book your first class directly through mindbody. Once you have booked with us once your mindbody account will be connected to our studio network and you should be able to continue booking through our website instead.

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