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  • Discuss Your Fitness Goals: Share your aspirations and challenges with our expert trainers.
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  • Discover Our Support: See how our dedicated team can help you on your fitness journey.
This consultation is a no-obligation opportunity to explore if personal training aligns with your fitness goals and lifestyle.
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Meet, Nathan.

Nathan leverages a decade of expertise to craft sessions tailored specifically for your long-term fitness goals. With a focus on cardio, resistance training, and functional movement, he creates an environment conducive to optimal performance and adaptability, ensuring your fitness journey is both effective and rewarding. With an education-focused approach, Nathan ensures that each session equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful fitness journey.

What is FST?

FST is a stretching system that focuses on joints and fascial lines to help release tension where there is tightness, and create stability where there is hypermobility, FST is something you will want to incorporate into your everyday life if you have mobility issues.

Chose the path that's
right for you...

Each session will be catered towards your needs on that particular day, so whether the focus is strength building, or stress relief and stretching (or maybe all of the above), each session will strive to fulfill your needs.

First time doing FST with us?

Try our FST/ Training Intro Pack and get 3 sessions for just
$225+HST ($75/ session)

Chose Plan
Single Session
1 - one hour session
$100 +HST
5 Pack
5 - one hour sessions
$475 +HST       ($95/session)
20 Pack
20 - one hour sessions
$1800 +HST       ($90/session)
* Training/ FST pack's of 5 or more can be put on payment plans. Please contact us for details.
Long Term Personal Training

Looking to make some big changes? We offer 6-12 month training packages for $85/ session. Please fill out the  form below to inquire.

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The Stretch Club

Embark on a wellness journey that involves a little 1-1 guidance and some self motivated movement. The stretch club allows you to invest in your mental health and mobility by combining Fascial Stretch Therapy and yoga passes all into one neat bundle. Chose which option is right for your lifestyle!

For the Casual Stretcher


With this program you will receive 1h of FST and 2 Drop- In class passes on a monthly basis.

Save $46/month with this option!

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For the Regular Stretcher


With this program you will receive 2h's of FST and 4 Drop-In class passes on a monthly basis.

Save $102/ month with this option!

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For the Ultimate Stretcher


With this program you will receive 3h's of FST and 6 Drop-In class passes on a monthly basis.

Save $168/ month with this option!

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We understand commitment can be hard, so cancel this program at any time without penalty!
Your will have 1 year from purchase to use your services, even beyond cancellation.


We offer a wide variety of pricing for all levels of commitment.

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We love creating community, so we facilitate a variety of events both on and off the mat.

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